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Management Team

Board of Directors: Chairman:Zou Weimin
Director:Wu Qingyu
Party committees: Secretary of CPC Committee of MCC OVERSEAS LTD.:Zou Weimin
Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of MCC OVERSEAS LTD.:Wu QingyuXie Bingjun
Business Layer General Manager:Wu Qingyu
Deputy General Manager of MCC OVERSEAS LTD.:Chen Chang'anLi GuocaiXie BingjunYang Ruobing
Chief Accountant :Li Guocai
Deputy Chief Accountant:Li Zhongyu
Deputy Chief Engineer of MCC OVERSEAS LTD.:Yu Zhongliang
Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection:Xie Bingjun
Secretary of the Board of Directors:Li Zhongyu
General Manager Assistant:Gong CaijunLi ShichangWang QiGao Huilin