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Position: Social Responsibility»Practice


1.MCC Overseas LTD. signed the strategic partnership agreement with SPPM of Tsinghua University.

2. MCC Overseas LTD. organized the students of Tsinghua University to take part in the Summer Social internship .

3. MCC Overseas LTD. organized the books donation activity .

4. MCC Overseas LTD. signed a strategic Partnership Agreement with Malaysia DNC LTD.

5.MCC Overseas LTD. donated 3 Hope Primary Schools for Papua New Guinea

6. MCC Overseas LTD. donated for Wenchuan Earthquake-Stricken Area, China

7.Malaysia company organized the donation activities for the staffs, such as for the MR.ZULAHDA’s died mother、for the LEE TEE BOON’s died father and for Mohammed’s died father,etc..

8.Malaysia company has pilgrimage sites in different projects for the colleagues who have different religion to pilgrimage.